The haven that is Yoga has always formed a part of the Pure backbone since our inception. Yoga creates space, within the body physically and also with the mind, heart and soul. Allowing for ease of movement and the balance of strength and flexibility. We encourage you to dive into the vast array of styles we offer and discover which one you’ll call home.

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This class is Iyengar style orientated, focusing on alignment. It is restorative in nature and will improve flexibility, muscular endurance and strength as well as enhance posture. It emphasises the correct alignment of the body. Breath is also emphasised as it is key to the practise.

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Based on Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga, this practice emphasises fluidity and heat to help with strengthening and flexibility of the body. Vinyasa (movement and breath) and Bandhas will be focused on. From an emphasis on core postures, students will learn how to move between and within postures using breath correctly. More dynamic than Hatha and better suited to those looking for a more vigorous yoga class.

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Vin Yin is a gentle vinyasa flow followed by yin postures. Yin offers a relaxing stretch focussed on lengthening muscles, relaxing facia and allowing ligaments and tendons to release. This practice offers a beautiful balance of both Yin and Yang.


The Yin to the Yang! Pure’s Yin Yoga is a meditative based class with a physical focus much deeper than some Yang like practices. This class complements our Yang based classes such as Hatha and Dynamic/Power Yoga. Many of the postures focus on areas that encompass a joint (hips, sacrum, spine) and accessing the deeper connective tissue and fascia. Yin Yoga increases mobility and flexibility and ultimately assists and elevates your Yang practise. It is a great class for deep relaxation, maintaining wonderful flexibility and a centered mind.

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Yoga for people who love to move & groove. This class is a fusion of fun, fitness and traditional yoga sequences set to modern music. It will improve your strength, flexibility, tone and mood!

hiit classes


If you’re looking for gentle, restorative yoga this is not it! An intense, 30 minute, skill-building session to prepare for arm balances and inversions. Guaranteed to strengthen and condition the core and entire body.

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A fusion of myofacial and pressure point releases and yin yoga deep stretching This powerful class gives your body the release it needs after strong workouts that standard stretching just won’t deliver.