Get your life ON TRACK and start livin’ your dreams!

Be led by fitness extraordinaire & advanced NLP + Life Coach, Marina Perry through:

  • A sweaty, metabolic-boosting morning workout that will prime your bod to strip fat & sizzle serious energy.
  • A refuelling SMOOTHIE stop post workout that will continue to rev up your fat-burning potential. Plus you’ll get to take home the recipes & critical key ingredient.
  • An interactive mindset session on blocks, their foundations and your sabotage cycles.
  • A nutritious, delicious lunch from Thr1ve
  • A powerful session on how to succeed over sabotage and the secrets to creatingan inspiring life and how to hit your goals with foolproof results.
  • A Myofascial Release Session to de-knot your body and reinstate energy flow through your meridians.

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This day is absolutely for you if you want to:

Genuinely enhance your wellbeing: Up your energy levels 

Want to leave bad habits and past patterns behind. Embrace the fullest, most amazing version of yourself 

Discover how you can create a sustainable lifestyle that gives you: results you crave without sacrificing joy or living in deprivation

Move your body in a multitude of ways. Enjoying the benefits of the most beneficial methods of movement in the world. Delivered to you by a world-class Master Trainer.

Finally bust through the sabotage cycles limiting your: Career, relationships, health and wealth.



7:45am – 8.00am Registration

8:00am  Welcome & Metabolic Mashup Workout

9:15am  Showers & Breakfast Smoothies


Discover your effortless motivation zones and how to leverage it to create your dream life

  • Deciphering your values – learn what you ( & others) are motivated by on the deepest level
  • Learn why you keep procrastinating or repeating bad habits
  • Understand why sabotage cycles exist and their components
  • Get clear on your limiting beliefs

11:45- 12:00pm Delicious and Nutritious Catered Lunch (Provided)

12.00pm – 2.00pm INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP: Succeed over sabotage & create positive change

  • Gain clarity on a vision that compels your soul & inspires your spirit
  • Ensure alignment and authenticity of your goals & dreams
  • Discover how to weed out limiting beliefs & plant powerful, beneficial beliefs
  • Learn how to plug into inner motivation at any moment

2.00pm – 3.00pm Myofascial Release Session

    7.15AM – 3.00PM
    Catered Lunch Included
  • $149
We want you to be constantly surging forwards and upwards in life.
Join us for a day of positive change and powerful knowledge.
Get intimate with your patterns and learn to craft them to cultivate progress.
You are the master of your ship and captain of your destiny.
Let’s get you even more capable at steering your course consciously!
You’ll be amazed at the positive change you can create externally when you do the inner work.
Book today to discover how change can be easy & enjoyable.

About Marina…

Marina Perry is an internationally recognised speaker and author in the area of empowerment and better embracing your life. An expert in the field of fitness, business, branding, personal awareness and mastery, she is passionate about personal and professional development and helping people make their dream life a reality.

She is a noted authority in wellbeing and fitness and has shared the stage with business identities such as Janine Allis (Founder of Boost Juice), Biggest Loser’s Michelle Bridges, Madonna King (4BC Radio Presenter and Courier-Mail Columnist), Jeff Slayter and Kayne Minkus (Branding Gurus) and many more.

As a sought after business and life coach Marina is passionate about ensuring her clients are present to their vision, mission and purpose for themselves and their businesses in order to exceed the desired outcomes.

Marina is committed to helping individuals embrace health, realise their full potential and build their DREAM lives.