We’re talking training. Pushing your limits. Discovering what’s possible.

This tournament is an evolution in training and fitness for a subset of crazy humans who get high on exercise alone.

Individuals who love to feel the burn and experience the exhaustion of a workout where they know they gave their all.

People who like to take a challenge that they don’t know they can do and just see what’s possible. Souls aching for the unknown, for evolution and personal growth.

Assuming you’re still reading then I think we found you.

Read on for exactly how Pure’s phenomenal, brand new tribal Tournament is going to LIGHT YOUR FIRE!


Tribe Vibe

We are currently seeking teams of individuals ready to step it up and work together to collectively enhance your performance on all levels.

Unlike many of our other amazing offerings this is not about rewiring your mindset or wellbeing.  Instead it’s about plugging straight into that instinctual animal spirit that loves to be pushed purely so it knows it’s alive.

It’s about the fun of competition (both with ourselves and each other) and growing as a tribe. Showing up each session fro yourself and your team.

Every individual performance counts but it’s the tribes collective result that competes against other tribes…until one tribe takes the title.

How It Works

The tournament is a 6 week program where you will perform weekly, 45 minute conditioning sessions with your trainer that will be monitored & scored (as a tribe).

Each tribe is made up of 4 people. 

Each session will see your individual heart rate and effort scored lived in the studio with the help of brand new, state-of-the-art equipment.

You will be allocated weekly tribe challenges to be completed for bonus points in your own time (solo or together).

Points will be tallied and champions will be revealed. 


  • Feel Fitter & Stronger Than Ever Before

    Strip body fat, gain lean muscle & improve your cardio fitness and endurance! Meaning a stronger, fitter heart and endorphins for days!

  • Optimise Your Mindset

    Lose your excuses and realise your fullest potential. Plus develop a healthy competitive edge and playful relationship to training and life.

  • Real-time Heart Rate, Calories and Effort Level

    The beat of the heart is the gold standard of physical activity monitoring, and is a true accurate measure of effort (intensity). Intensity matters and effort is a choice, so that’s why we measure & reward it with our brand new, in-house equipment!

  • Results Delivering Workouts

    Experience metabolic conditioning workouts that deliver faster gains and better results. The fusion of HIIT and strength conditioning is guarantees fat stripping & physical transformation!

  • Support

    Receive motivation and support to stretch and grow like never before. Discover a ‘family’ to share your every victory with!

  • Online Inspiration & Advice

    Gain access to an online forum and support network for tips and advice on nutrition, training and mindset. Be part of a like-minded community.

  • ONLY $30/WK
  • 3 Fortnight Direct Debit Plan Available

Pure’s Tribal Tournament is for those who are looking to:

  • Simply push and be pushed

  • Bring fun and purpose back into their wellbeing program

  • Get into serious kick-ass shape and fitness

 Let your inner tribal warrior out! Step into this tournament to have a blast, achieve a new level of fitness and grow into a tribe of support & encouragement!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create a full tribe from your existing, favourite humans?


Can you be allocated a tribe as an individual & establish new friendships?


Do you have to be athlete-fit to join?


Should you have the desire to train hard and be pushed?


Is it ok to whinge and whine and want to quit occasionally?

It’s expected but not compulsory 😉

Will this be a new level of fun and unleash your inner athlete?

Yes and Yes!

Register your details below and we’ll assign you to a Tribe Team. Alternatively, you can create a ready-made tribes we’ll simply allocate a trainer & time! 

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