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The Universal Reformer is a piece of equipment invented by Joseph Pilates over 80 years ago. Once the best kept secret of Hollywoods elite, reformers work on spring based resistance & a moving carriage with straps & pulleys. Reformers are excellent at helping to keep the neck & back protected whilst still offering amazingly transformational exercises.

A GRC (Group Reformer Class) class focuses on toning & strengthening the entire body – the legs, bottom, abs, chest & back – lengthening muscles as it strengthens them – resulting in a long lean physique.

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All journeys start with a single step and this is your most critical one. Attend a minimum of 2-5 of these classes to learn how to correctly use the two essentials machines in PURE GRC classes – the reformer and your body. Learn how to align your body and engage the correct muscles for optimal results as well as how to use the amazingly unique and transformative Reformer apparatus.  This is a slower paced reformer class that applies the fundamentals and works well as a prelude to Open GRC classes. We recommend attending a minimum of 2 x Tech GRC classes before progressing.

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A flowing class performed on the reformer that will strengthen, lengthen and tone the entire body. A results-focused class guaranteed to firm, lengthen and sculpt every inch of your body. Delivering a lithe, lean and functionally fit physique. Appropriate for all levels as options for progression and regression given so you can customise your experience.


An exciting fusion of traditional Reformer Pilates and the latest in fitness innovation. A challenging, fun and transformational workout series to lengthen, strengthen and tone the body

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Pure Founder, Marina has long said the best butt exercises are performed on the Reformer. As the name suggests this class is biased towards blitzing of the booty. All exercises in this class are custom designed to lift, tighten, shape and transform the legs, thighs and, of course, the BUTT!

reformer pilates manly


High intensity intervals performed on and next to the Reformer. A meeting of two worlds? Yes. A double of results? You betcha! Bringing you the proven results of high intensity interval conditioning fused with the supportive challenge of the reformer, this class is guaranteed to sizzle calories and burn fat!

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Want a waistline that’s whittled, flat and lean? This 30-minute class is all about your abs and will create deep strength and full integration of the powerhouse of your body. Expect a strong core, stable pelvis, supported back & flat abs!

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Stretch. Lengthen. Breath. Repeat. Allow the phenomenal reformer to support your body through a fluid sequence of balance restoring and ache releasing stretches for 45 minutes.

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Bringing you the best exercises for total conditioning with a little extra! Top to toe, this class will get you in shape using not only the reformer, but also therabands, magic circles, free weights & balls! A fun, all levels class that delivers strength and tone to every inch of your body.