One Day Pregnancy Workshop – 3rd Saturday of June 2017


The Pure Form certification course details the biomechanics behind every exercise, providing you with the knowledge base to easily modify exercises to suit individual strengths, skills or injuries.

Each exercise is thoroughly broken down throughout the course so that you as the participant learn via observation, practice within ones body, seeing and feeling modifications, hearing and learning verbal cues as well as practicing the use of tactile cues and manual adjustments.

Muscle Recruitment is covered for every exercise – always relating this new knowledge back to functional applications.Breath is explained in detail for each exercise, as is how to use tempo and rhythm to add variety.

The curriculum clearly outlines traditional formats and how to safely make modifications both for progression and regression.The outcome being that following the course Pure Form instructors are competent at running classes for people new to Pilates right through to advanced participants.

Postural Analysis is covered to enable you to better tailor sessions to individuals as well as appropriate modifications to give for each postural type for different exercises where needed – allowing you to teach more broadly to groups whilst remaining specific to individuals.

Pure Form focuses on developing the cueing skills of instructor so that they can pass on their wealth of knowledge to all walks of life clearly and concisely. In addition to mastering verbal cueing of Pilates, Pure Form instructors also learn to use tactile and imagery to enhance participant’s experience.

Having completed the Pure Form Training Curriculum, Instructors are competent in:

  • Explaining to clients the fundaments of Pilates – including alignment and core stability principles.
  • The Pilates Method of Exercise – exercise mechanics, breath and essence.
  • Classic Pilates exercises plus all progressions and regressions
  • Exercise prescription based on common ailments and posture
  • Formation and grouping of exercises
  • Verbal and tactile cuing
  • Use of imagery to enhance not detract from exercises

Our programs provide a balanced and thorough blend of theory, observation and practical experience to help you master the repertoire.

General Course Objectives:

  • Learn the principles of core stability, breathing and alignment to for pregnancy specific exercises
  • A complete breakdown of each exercise
  • Exercise goals, muscular initiation and movement sequencing
  • Modifications
  • How to recognise optimal and less than optimal movement patterns
  • Forming and grouping of exercises
  • Effective communication, verbal cues and imagery for performance enhancement and client motivation

One Day Pregnancy Workshop - 6 CECs

Explain to clients the required variations for pregnancy Pilates

Demonstrate safe modifications for differing trimesters

Explain the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and how this affects the clients ability to exercise

Fundaments of Pilates – including alignment and core stability principles as it relates to Pregnancy

Classic and contemporary Pilates exercises plus all progressions and regressions for use in pregnancy

Exercise prescription based on the three trimester of pregnancy and common pregnancy pathologies

Formation and grouping of exercises

Additional One Day Courses

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Fantastic for Power Pilates and advanced routines.

 Exercises require greater control, flexibility, integration and strength.


Be mentored with leading Pilates teachers at our amazing studios. Students will learn from these instructors, refine their own practice and acquire the confidence and skills to teach  in their own unique style. Program graduates will be eligible to interview for a teaching position within Pure’s studios, pending availability and need.

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