15th – 18th FEBRUARY 2018


Are you keen to learn how healthy living can be fun and easy?

Would you like to learn how to make delicious, nutritious meals, snacks, treats, drinks and more?

Are you ready to experience a wide range of movement modalities you can do anywhere, anytime? (Irrespective of your fitness level)

Are you looking to escape from the rat race & retreat to beachside bliss?

Are you keen to kickstart your health and fitness in the right direction?

Are you ready to feel energised, inspired and connected?


Then the transformational #thepurelife Pure Immersion Byron Bay Retreat is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Embark on an adventure to stunning and therapeutic surroundings with Pure Health Clubs Founder and Master Wellbeing and Life Coach, Marina Perry as your guide.

 In 4 transformative days learn exactly how to embody and enact the principles of #thepurelife.

You’ll be whipped into shape with twice daily workouts and will be feed like royalty. Stay under one roof with other souls keen to learn, laugh and elevate their lives.

This is a retreat like no other.

It’s about learning skills that you will have for life. A life that will definitely be even healthier and happier than the one you had before arriving.

As is the Pure way, this retreat will cater to your body – with both movement and nourishment – but also the mind, heart and spirit.

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The Body

Toned, Strengthened and Transformed.  From the powerfully effective and energetic workouts of HIIT, fat-burning blasters, outdoor runs, stairs, Pilates and more.

Restored, Aligned and Rejuvenated.  Have the stress of daily life released from your body (and mind). Allow Yoga, Myofascial release and mediation sessions to reinvigorate your system.

Nourish your body with the healthiest daily meals imaginable. Every meal will excite your taste buds, fill you with optimal nutrients and get your body’s metabolism kick-started for fat burning and leanness. Plus you’ll see exactly how to make it and be part of the process in the kitchen everyday.

Relaxation and fun. With plenty of down time to chill on the beach, grab a massage or stroll to the town centre, your body will love the rest in between all the other goodness on offer.

The Mind

Through the amazing retreats accompanying workbook you will be guided by Marina to take time for self-enquiry and discovery. Completing questions (privately) that will lead you to powerful realisations and new possibilities.

As a life coach and advanced NLP practitioner Marina is passionate and highly skilled at helping people move through limiting beliefs so they can have more of what they want and deserve in life. 

Your workbook will also guide you to create a workable life strategy and effective plan for post-retreat. You’ll be empowered with secrets and tools for effortlessly eating, moving and thinking for a healthier, happier life.


  • 3 Nutritious Meals a Day + Snacks, Desserts & Drinks

    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are all provided and you will dine in-house for all meals. You will learn how easy it can be to feed your body healthy food that makes your tastes buds want to sing for joy. If you are a foodie, we have you well and truly covered. And if you struggle with food, you’ll be converted after this retreat.

  • Mindset and Lifestyle Workshop Sessions

    Lessons will be shared everyday on:

    How to step into greater self-love, contentment and connection.

    How you have greater success, productivity and fulfilment in life.

    How to live a life full of energy within a body you love.

  • Optional Extras

    If you want to learn to surf, to kayak with turtles or indulge in a massage. These things are all possible and we will make your desires a reality whenever possible!

  • Accommodation

    Choose from a single or double bed (options vary and depend on availability) in a beautiful beachside home. Close to everything you need to enjoy the best of beautiful Byron Bay.

  • Daily Workouts

    Facilitated by Marina is a wide range of movement modalities. You will have the option to participate in 2 a day if you choose. But there is no pressure to participate in everything. Its your retreat so you choose how to design it.

  • Strolling, shopping and people watching

    Yes!! You will have time to stroll the shops and chill in the cafes. The culture and community of Byron is part of its charm. Rest assured you’ll have plenty of time to drink it all in. But your shopping bill is all on you!!  So budget accordingly

  • Excursions to Local Sights

    From world class surf breaks, to the local drumming jam session on main beach,  to the iconic Lighthouse and Australia’s Eastern most point, you’ll see the best of beautiful Byron.

Whether you come to….

  • Free yourself from negative self-talk and destructive sabotage patterns
  • Reboot your metabolism, clean out your digestion and enliven your inner vitality
  • Learn to eat healthily and how to easily food prep and cook for yourself and others
  • Tone your toosh (Marina is obsessed with Butt work), firm your thighs, flatten your belly and drop some weight.
  • Commence a loving, positive and confident relationship with yourself and others
  • Get limber, get lean and feel alive
  • Chill-out, unwind, relax and restore your soul

….Just make sure you come!!

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Our unique combination of healthy nutrition fused with comprehensive mindset and movement options makes us incomparable in the retreat space, and amazing value for all our attendees.

From only $797… yes you read it right… ONLY $797 you can receive this full service, fully inclusive life-changing retreat! The only extra cost you have is flights or travel to  and from Byron if you need it. Car pooling is common from Brisbane if you’d like to economise and be kinder to the environment.

Don’t delay. Spaces are limited. Only 10 spaces. We like it small and cosy! Book your spot today!

It will be the trip of a lifetime and one you will NEVER regret taking.

Life is short, so make sure you’re really living it at the highest frequency possible!

  • ONLY $897
  • SAVE $100
  • Flexible Payment Plan: fr. $149/wk
  • $997
  • Flexible Payment Plan: fr. $200/wk


I joined in the retreat because I was at a point where I desperately needed to take some “time out” in my life, and the timing (logistically) magically worked out. I saw the email and it was as if it reached out and spoke to me.  I just had to do it.

My favourite part element of the retreat was the deep and meaningful conversations with new friends, whilst walking along the beautiful beach. Exercise and movement in stunning surroundings – ie. running up and down steps to the lighthouse plus fuelling my body with yummy, nutritious food – that I didn’t have to make!

In three words my experience was: enlightening, empowering, regenerating.

I could not recommend it highly enough if you’re considering doing the retreat! Just do it!

Bernadette, B.

I am a self-confessed retreat addict and when information about Marina’s March Byron Bay retreat came out, everything it offered was exactly what I was looking for. It was inspiring, in a beautiful natural setting, with so much fun, physical activity and personal development work and the most yummy, healthy food you could imagine (all cooked by Marina!!).  We were truly pampered.

Marina prepared every meal (and healthy treat), freshly for us during the whole retreat.  She poured so much love and care into each meal and we were all there to help and learn how easy it is to be healthy and honour our bodies. It was a fantastic group and with Marina’s energy, there was fun, joy and playfulness packed into every day.

My experience in 3 words: JOY, PLAYFUL, NOURISHING

Don’t hesitate and book yourself in! I felt completely invigorated each day with so much energy – I really didn’t want to leave.  The holistic nature of the retreat will benefit every aspect of your life.

Samantha, W.

Frequently Asked Questions


Everyone that comes is always a different fitness level, and all levels are welcome and tailored for in each workout.  From the novice to the athlete, everyone will be pushed, but pushed appropriately for their level.  It’s also important to know that you don’t have to participate in all the fitness options available… you can if you like, but its not essential and you will not be pressured either way.


No. No. No.  Whilst there is tons on offer and most people are excited to opt in for it all, there is zero pressure to do everything on the agenda. It’s your retreat so if you want to miss an arvo workout to catch up with a friend or read more of your booKk, no one will bat an eyelid.  Likewise, please know that all levels of knowledge, fitness and habit are welcome and catered too. We’ll meet you where you’re at and offer you what you need to take the next step towards wherever you desire to be heading.


If you have any food intolerances or allergies you can rest assured you will not have any issues. Marin herself is gluten-free, dairy (cow’s milk) -free, and sugar-free in the way she eats, so she will me taking you to places that offer the most amazing meals without the standard allergens so abundant in our regular diets. Even if you don’t have allergies you will benefit from giving your digestion a rest of these for a week.


Usually our Brisbane based attendees just drove south, although we also try to help you arrange car-pooling once we set up the closed FB group. Interstate attendees generally fly to Ballina and then its just a short drive. Once at the retreat you don’t really need a car which is why we recommend minimising how many we have between the whole group. 


Umm… yes, 100%!! In fact most of our retreat attendees fly solo. Occasionally we get buddies coming together but for the most part, we all arrive as strangers and become thick and fast friends in no time.


Well actually having a buddy can save you a dollar or two if you are the kind of friends who are happy to share a double bed ;-).  If you think you could survive their sleep habits definitely talk to the team about the discounted price for two people sharing a double bed!


We can confidently say ‘no’. No one is ever hungry or feels deprived. Partly because you are well fed with good size meals three times a day and partly because you will be getting such a high level of nutrients that your body will be truly nourished on such a high level.


We don’t promote this retreat as a ‘weight-loss camp’ however due to the healthy eating and plenty of exercise, it is most likely and to be honest it is the standard outcome that you will fly home a few inches smaller through your waist and lighter on the scales.

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