8.30AM – 1.00PM

Claim and Craft your Bootylicious Butt 

You can do all the best butt exercises in the world but building a beautiful, strong, high and shapely booty is all about activation and isolation.

Come learn the top-secret-skills to awakening the booty within with glute-master and pro-butt-builder (also Pure Founder) Marina Perry at our uber special, strictly limited Booty Blitz Workshop.

Marina will break down the science around transforming your toosh and also teach you which exercises deliver what shape booty so you literally craft the booty shape you crave.

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This day is absolutely for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to switch on your booty
  • Learn the foundation exercises to check & practice for optimal engagement
  •  The role of the three gluteal muscles
  • How to train all three muscles of the glutes to ensure the shape you want

The day will also include the official LAUNCH of the new exclusive Pure Booty Blitz Class….a class solely dedicated to seriously blasting that booty.

Plus we’ll feed you superfood sugar-free (but not taste free) smoothies and bliss balls to ensure your booty has the energy to burrrnn….because make no mistake, burn it will!


Sunday 5th March

8:30am – 1.00pm


9.00am -10.00am:

Anatomy of glutes
Triggering – The What.How. Why.
Practical applications and exercises to trigger the correct muscle groups


10:15am -11:15am: SHAPE AND CONDITIONING
Best booty moves Ever: The What. How. Why
Practical applications/exercises to build your butt

11:30am-12:30pm CLASS LAUNCH: World first. PURE BOOTY BLITZ!!! Put it all into action baby!! And feel the burn!!!

12:30pm -1.00pm: POST WORKOUT SUPER SMOOTHIES plus goodie bags. Closing thoughts and photos. and Nutritious Catered Lunch Provided)

Book now as this will be a sold out event!

You’ll be so glad you made the time to attend because with this new found knowledge and skills you will transform every other workout you do, forever after.

We want you to get a booty you love and  don’t want you wasting your workouts not getting the best possible results.

The idea of you wasting your effort makes me want to cry more than my glutes being on fire! 

    8.30AM – 1.00PM
    Pre and Post Workout Snacks Included
  • $97

About Marina…

Marina Perry is an internationally recognised speaker and author in the area of empowerment and better embracing your life. An expert in the field of fitness, business, branding, personal awareness and mastery, she is passionate about personal and professional development and helping people make their dream life a reality.

She is a noted authority in wellbeing and fitness and has shared the stage with business identities such as Janine Allis (Founder of Boost Juice), Biggest Loser’s Michelle Bridges, Madonna King (4BC Radio Presenter and Courier-Mail Columnist), Jeff Slayter and Kayne Minkus (Branding Gurus) and many more.

As a sought after business and life coach Marina is passionate about ensuring her clients are present to their vision, mission and purpose for themselves and their businesses in order to exceed the desired outcomes.

Marina is committed to helping individuals embrace health, realise their full potential and build their DREAM lives.