Activation Creates Transformation

– Marina Perry

Activation Creates Transformation 

Why technique is a must for the toosh that you lust.

Earlier this week I was partaking in a fitness class in a studio I don’t own…and loving the classes! Why? Well to put it simply, they were tough. Tough for me….which for someone whose made a living from creating classes and delivering (at times in my life) up to 50 a week, means they were tough.

The repetitions where high. The sets too…. particularly the booty stuff. I get it. As a business owner you gotta give the clients what they want…and what women doesn’t want a beautiful booty?

Now admittedly I was using higher resistance than most (and had done multiple classes on the hop) but I was still blown away.  I was literally ready to tap out because I would have bet my first born on the fact that my glutes were going to self destruct in a booty-explosion. As as I scanned the room to find fellow victims to squint in pain with, I looked around to see this room of tourists happily completing the sets. 

Now is it possible I’m overstating my fitness and strength and underestimating theirs? Definitely. Is it possibly I was actually in a room of fembots with titanium glutes and didn’t know it. Sure. So it got me thinking as I lay there in agony….how!!?! How can these casual might-exercise-sporadically-casual-fitness people not be dying?

Perhaps I am a total pussycat who’s been taking it easier than she thinks.
? But then I reminded myself of the classes I take and my clients consistent feedback on them. Nah, I can’t be that pathetic. 

Maybe their just better internalisers of their pain and discomfort!?! This I think is true in part for many. I’m shocking at hiding my emotions (and I’m ok with that)… open book here.

Then, as I looked around the room… it dawned on me. Awareness and activation.

The form in the room collectively was terrible.

I had noticed it earlier in class, but to be honest as a fitness professional you have to tune it out or it wrecks your own experience of the movement your getting to enjoy in your body! (You kinda want to inappropriately go and correct people…not cool when you’re not the instructor.)

 But in that moment, it really dawned on me. This is tougher for me because my form and activation is good. If you can’t activate your glutes, then 3 billion single leg/hip extensions ain’t going to hurt them are they. If your core is swinging and you knees are hyper extending and you body has no memory (or neural pathway) for connecting the muscle fibres of the glutes…well then, that butt exercise set becomes easier in many way…..although far less kind to your body and way less effective at delivering the desired results of a tight, pert toosh.

Until that point, I had been enjoying and almost envied the fast paced, un-cued, loud music situation that was these classes….but that’s because I know what I’m doing and how to do it. I am beyond grateful that at Pure Clubs, Pods and Studios we are sticklers for form. Please let me be clear, I’m not judging this studio…in fact I frickin love the place…. but their audience is different. Yes I’m sure they have regulars but the bulk of attendees are transient holiday-seekers,  one or two timers.

 Thing is though- technique matters. I know it sounds boring….like your mum telling you to brush your teeth as a kid (also a good idea by the way ?), but it pays dividends in the long run. In fact, I’ll be honest. If you don’t master your bodies mechanics then your kinda wasting your time.

Yes, you’re burning calories through energy expenditure but your not constructing the shape or results your seeking. It’s kinda like throwing building materials onto a empty block…it’ll still cost you energy, time and money but it won’t offer you a home you want to live in….in fact ultimately it’ll cost you more… to fix it. Poor form while exercising keeps physios  in business. So I guess my point is this.

Master the basics. Aim for awareness then activation. “What am I using? What should be moving? What should be still? Where should I feel this?” If you can’t answer these questions at any given moment in a class, you’re just slinging mud. Which I admit can be fun (outdoors and naked preferably) ….but it’s messy as heck to clean up.

Activation: take the time to learn which muscle you can use to perform which movements. We all have dominant patterns to begin with (kinda like pre-loaded software on your computer) but we can train our bodies to do almost anything. I can run stairs and primarily use my glutes, my quads, my hammies or my calves. That’s the gift that comes from body awareness and learning to activate well. Glutes (your booty), your core (deep stabilisers not outer abs) and your scapular stabilisers (shoulder girdle) in particular are the essentials to master. That’s why the plank or a bridge is such a story teller to us trainers about your body awareness, especially on apparatus like the Reformer. And the booty…. well it’s a biggy…because I know how much women want to love their bootys. And the glutes are critical stabilisers of the lower back, spine and pelvis.

 So take the time peeps. Go back to basics and master triggering muscles and training your body to activate and perform movement in good alignment and with good mechanics.

Here’s to butts that burn!!

 Like mine did in that Bali class. Like a molten volcano erupting at the top of my thigh…I can still feel the pain… but, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones right?!? Better to moan and tap out cos you nailed it, than coast, looking like a champ… with no results to show for it.

 Side note (or should that be rear note) : If you would like to genuinely learn how to trigger and train your glutes to transform that booty from blah to bootilicious then join me for a: 

One Day Booty Blitz Extravaganza – Sunday 5th March  

We’re running a workshop all about ABT… no, not abs, butts and thighs…. this workshop is all about ASS, BOOTY and TOOSH.

Obsessed? Aha. Over the top? You betcha.

But in all seriousness, this event is about making sure you know:

  • How to switch on on your booty (the foundation exercises to check and practice)
The role of the three gluteal muscles – how to train all three muscles of the glutes to ensure the shape you want.
  • Official launch of the new Pure Booty Blitz Class….a class solely dedicated to seriously blasting that booty.
  • Plus we’ll feed you superfood sugar-feee (not not taste free) smoothies and bliss balls to ensure your booty has the energy to burrrnnn….because make no mistake, burn it will!!

Book now as this will be a sold out event! You’ll be so glad you made the time to attend because with this new found knowledge and skills you will transform every other workout you do forever after.

 I want you to get a booty you love and I don’t want you wasting your workouts not getting the best possible results. That makes me want to cry more than my glutes being on fire ??.

Schedule for the Day: 8:30-12:30 ($97)

8:30am: Registration and welcome

9am to 10.00am:  10 Secrets to success
: Anatomy of glutes
Triggering- What.How. Why.
Practical applications/exercises

10.00am: Pre workout bliss balls

10:15-11:15am – Shape and Conditioning. Best booty moves Ever: what. How. Why Practical applications/exercises

11:30-12:30pm – Class launch: World first. Pure Booty Blitz!!! Put it all into action baby!! And feel the burn!!!!! 1

2:30 -1.00pm Post workout super-smoothies and goodie bags…closing thoughts and photos.


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