A Laterally Shifting Patella Changed My Life.

How a Patella Injury led from Pilot to Pilates

Pilates Reformer Brisbane

Pilot to Pilates 

Yup. A kneecap caused a powerful directional life change. It took me from pilot to pilates. It created a new genre of workout and birthed a brand that would essentially reveal and embody my life’s purpose.

One unstable, unbalanced knee.

Ironically, I feel that my unbalanced knee and the resultant affect the Reformer machine had on it is, 15 years on, still the result thousand and thousands gain from it every day.

Let me explain.

My knee injury stemmed from years and years of running hard. Literally and metaphorically.
I was a high achieving over achiever. You know them. You might be one.

But eventually the going hard and going fast creates a crack. An imbalance. The lack of yin to the yang. The lack of pause to the push. It takes it’s toll. No matter how wonder-woman you are.

So in 2000, I found myself rehabbing an unstable, injured knee upon the most obscure, unusual machine I had ever seen. The ‘Universal Reformer’.

And whilst sceptical, it was absolutely love at first burn.

It would be fair to say I was frustrated. I’d been out of action a while with my knee issue and in addition to missing movement (an essential to mental and emotional health for me) the extra weight I was carrying left me feeling uncomfortable in my skin.

This frustration was perhaps why I agreed to try this unheard of practice, hidden away in the back of a Physio practice on the outskirts of town.

However, before the first session was done, I was unconditionally head of heels.

Never before had I experienced a runner’s high without the run.

What was this magical machine that left me the next day discovering muscles I didn’t know I had? Not to mention, more or less lying down throughout our time together!!?

I was both bewildered and absolutely bewitched.

So much so that I felt strongly that the whole world should know about it. Everyone should experience this transformative movement.

It was not ok to my love-drunk mind that only those with private health cover could afford to experience it (and even then only for a short period of time…until their rebates ran out)!!! No, no no!! This machine needed to be unleashed for all to enjoy.

Hence the launch of my foray into Pilates. Initially, I intended to only be a business woman but resulted in training and teaching all types of Pilates to thousands and thousands over the last 15 years and as a trainer of teachers in this amazing method.

With the launch of my business, designed to liberate this torture-rack-looking machine, we created a new genre of Pilates.

The Group Reformer Class.

No longer would a lone reformer live in the back of a Physio next to a mat and Wunda Chair.

It could now line up strong and proud. 17 reformers in unison, to stimulate and transform the bodies and minds of those moving in flow in a 45 minute class.

A new workout was born. An opportunity for the hardcore exerciser to ease into a tough yet non-impact workout alongside individuals who usually resisted a tough workout yet found themselves embracing it for the first time ever.

15 years on and our innovative concept is now the hottest growing trend in every major city. Reformer studios are becoming as common as a yoga studio. We’re beyond thrilled our unwise (and at the time risky) concept has stood the test of time and inspired others to step into the powerful experience of training in groups on the Reformer.

Of course we’ve remained a head of the curve with the creation of a full suite of class styles. Including innovations like HIIT, Stretch, Booty Blitz, Core classes and more. Each offering it’s own focus whilst still being performed on the endlessly versatile and adaptive machine. (Had to get that in there, ego and all…you understand 😉 ).

But this blog isn’t about how amazing we are at what we do. It’s purely about this piece of amazing apparatus invented over a century ago by a brilliant thought leader.

Why has this machine managed to impact such a crowded, competitive industry and go from strength to strength?!

Well it comes back to the knee I think.

When we find something that offers us what we feel we want, whilst delivering what we really need…we are on to a winner indeed.

The reformer lets you know that you’re working your body. Hop on and do a set of calf raises, medial rotation, side lying butt work and I don’t care if your the current cross-fit or MMA World Champ, you are going to feel the burn and eventually want to tap out.

Likewise though, if you haven’t exercised in years or have some weak spots that you’re nursing, whether it be in your spine or neck, you can lie down, be fully supported whilst seriously giving beneficial, balancing strength-work a good hot go.

It’s the medicine we all WANT to drink.

It’s the workout you look forward to and yet feel all over the next day. It’s addictive in its allure because it feels good, whilst doing good. It offers you soul restoring yin disguised as a yang.

It’s a runners high without the sneakers, shin splints or laterally shifting patellas. It was for me.

Ironically, the regular use of the reformer, resulted in the realignment and correct balancing of my body. Enabling to once again enjoy that sweaty heart pounding sport of running.

If you’re yet to clamour aboard a reformer may I politely suggest you put down your matcha almond milk latte and get onto google and quickly locate your nearest Pure Health Club, Pure Pilates Studio or Pure Energy Pod. Book yourself a spot in one of our free classes or another amazing brand if you’re not lucky enough to live near a Pure ❤️

We all need more balance. It’s the omnipresent epidemic of our time. Lack of balance. The beauty of reformer is that it meets you where you’re at and pushes your body towards even greater functional strength. It is no surprise the athletes in Cirque Ole, the world’s finest ballets and our tough as nails AFL players all climb aboard a reformer as part of their training.

True wellbeing and strength isn’t straight brawn. It’s a graceful fusion of strength and stability with mobility and powerful movement. The result is powerful transformation. Yes it magically tones and tightens all the trouble spots a Cosmo magazine tells us we want to target. More than that it communicates with your body to enable a deeper and important gift…balance.

So if you want to breathe deeper and create a mindful awareness of the magnificent body within which you live. Try Reformer.

If you’d like to lengthen and strengthen every muscle in your body to establish an ease and grace previously unknown, try Reformer.

If you’d like to push your boundaries and develop real mastery of your body and mind. Try Reformer.

Of course if you want to change your life, establish a purpose and smile everyday. Try Reformer. It worked for me.

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