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Pure Pilates 

Pure begins and ends with Pilates. It was where we began as a company (originally Pilates Qld then Pilates Etc) and it is still our foundation today.

The reason for this is simple.

Pilates is about living within your body free from pain, weakness and limitations. It works to balance, align and strengthen the body. In essence it is a maintenance manual for the human body and there isn’t a person living who wouldn’t physically benefit from correctly training in this method. At its essence it teaches good posture, alignment, body awareness and muscle recruitment. All  of which are crucial tools for healthy living within one’s body and these are also critical aspects to all other methods of exercise.

When you better understand your body and how to utilise it you can more accurately perform all forms of movement for optimal results. The awesome upside of this super functional method is the tight toosh, lean legs, flat abs and a strong back. So whatever your motivation, you’ll never regrets mastering Pilates with the Pilates experts at Pure. 

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To ensure you grasp the essential elements of Pilates (and thereby guarantee the absolute best results) Pure has a format of classes that will progressively lead you from novice to guru in the shortest time possible.

It all starts with our info packed fundamentals classes (or workshops) and then leads into Principal Pilates (Matwork arm) or Tech GRC (Reformer Arm), where levels are offered to ensure safe continued progression. Once you’ve grasped the basics and then learnt to apply them you will progress to Power Pilates and Small Apparatus (Matwork Arm) and Open GRC (Reformer Arm) to take your training (and your results) to a whole new level.

One of the amazing benefits of learning the Pilates Method at Pure is that we offer both realms of Pilates – matwork and equipment.  From Pilates matwork classes (where you own body provides the exercises) and Pilates Reformer classes (bed like machines with springs to provide resistance) to classes using swiss balls, magic circles and therabands, your body will learn more quickly and transform more drastically as a result of combining the different apparatus.

It is true that PURE teaches a more athletic form of Pilates than standard ‘gyms’ but we make no apologies for this. We are able to do it because unlike others we offer levels and make sure that ALL our members understand correct alignment, effective core recruitment and safe movement patterns. We teach traditional Pilates that is results driven for our members, our instructors are of the highest standard and easily accommodate various levels and injuries within all classes.

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