Do What You Can When You Can

Do What You Can…Where You Are…With What You’ve Got. 

Begin where you are right now. Just start. I mean how the hell else else can you bloody actually start from? Really.

It seems obvious but this is totally critical.

You have to start where you are with whatever you’ve got. Otherwise you’ll never get ‘there’.

Waiting till you’re ‘there’ with ‘that’, doing ‘it’ means you’ll always be waiting.

I personally had this message reaffirmed for me this week. No one has to tell me to move, motivation is totally intrinsic for me, but I had to course correct this week and do what I could what what I had. I had to acknowledge my limits and be ok with not being able to do my ‘usual’ movement modalities that I’m highly capable at.

You see I was a typical tourist in bali and had my first (hopefully last) scooter accident which left me hobbling on a pretty bad right foot.

My free week post retreat which I had mentally earmarked for months as a surfing & yoga bonanza was now a physical impossibility!!! Cue: heartbreak!!!

So where to from here?

Well I teach my Detoxees, Rebooters, 6DTSLers and Dreambuilder grads to always look on the upside and to make lemonade from lemons.

So now to practice what I preach.

Firstly, I decided to trade my week in paradise for a week of paradise with my long-distance partner seeing as my main reason for staying in Bali was now a no-go and secondly I decided to train differently to accommodate my inability to walk, kick, run. No such thing as a roadblock, just detours 🙂

So instead of my regular outdoor runs, stair sessions, swimming and yoga, I swam using only my upper body (with the aid of a pool buoy) and I hit the gym for upper body (and what lower body was possible) for training sessions.

My point is this.
Do what you can. Always.
Period. Nothing else.

Quit with the excuses.
Your body was built to move, honour it.
If you’re committed, be bloody committed. Find a way and be creative.

Do squats, push ups and skipping in your lounge if family commitments prevent going out (I’ve done it!)

Squat in the airplane toilets if travel means you’re restricted and time poor (I’ve done it!)

Focus on your core and hit the Pilates full out if injury leaves you cardio limited (I’ve done it!)

Perfection doesn’t exist. Not in us wonderfully imperfect humans nor in the circumstance of life.

Do what you can, when you can.

The workout need not be perfect to deliver results.

You don’t have to be Olympic-strong to improve your strength.

You don’t have to have all the equipment ever designed and all the time in the world to get effective results.

Move your body in whatever way you can!

NOW! Move Today! Move Tomorrow! Just start moving!

Go gorgeous, don’t let me stop you x

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