Quality Over Quantity.

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Quality Over Quantity. 

We’ve heard it plenty of times before.

One true, good friend is worth a dozen false friends. 100%

One good, hard working team member is better than several slackers.

One good man (or woman) is worth the weight of many.

So I’m sure you’ll agree more often than not, the saying rings true. Of course there will be the exception, like in the case of money 😉  but for the most part we can concur that seeking out the quality option will render us so much better off, than chasing the quantity option.

I just wanted to point out several ways this is absolutely true in regards to your health and wellness journey. I invite you to explore ways you can begin to introduce more quality (and less quantity) this week and for the rest of your life.

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to: Abdominal work

Those who have attended the ‘Flat Belly Formula’ Workshop hopefully  know this with certainty now. Side Note:  If you haven’t yet attended,  don’t do another sit-up until you’ve attended & make sure to pencil in the 20th of August 2016 for our upcoming workshop! A single well performed contraction where you properly engage your Transverse Abdominus; and fold your ribs into your pelvis ,whilst allowing the head and shoulders to float from the floor; well that kind of contraction WILL ALWAYS TRUMP a billion “crunches” without the correct activation and form, when it comes to getting a flat, strong belly.  In fact the poor form kind will actually widen and worsen your waistline. (Note: if you weren’t there then do yourself a favour and lock in the upcoming workshop or attend a fundamentals class ASAP and get educated!)

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to: Working out

A shorter but more intense workout performed with the right energy, form and intention will always trump a workout that may be longer or fully engaging your body correctly.  This is great news for the time poor. Remember that quality of form ALWAYS trumps quantity of movement too. So we aren’t talking about rush, rush, rush… we’re saying perform your exercises with precision and purpose. 12 reps of any weighted exercise, performed well, at correct load and depth, will blast the alternative out of the water as far as results go.

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to: Treats

I know I know, I can hear you saying – quantity is best for chocolate and certain days of the month. I’ll be apt to agree but unless we want to look and feel like Augusta Gloop from Willy Wonka, then it may serve us to explore the alternative approach. If I were to ask you which you’d prefer, your all time favourite quality chocolate (mine would be sea salt lindt or toffee coconut alter ego), or a bag full of (less appealing to you) choccies or sweet options say smarties or kit kat (for me), well I’d rather enjoy a piece or two of my lindt any day than bulk of the alternative.

This is also true for when we are consciously trying to choose a healthy “treat”. Sometimes its just better to have a smaller amount of the ‘quality’ treat that we really love (and saviour it) then choose a lessor desired option that we think we can have more of because its healthier. 

What I’m essentially trying to say is that in any domain; treat meals, rest, rewards, appliances, jewellery, homing pigeons (just checking you’re still reading 😉 )…quality will in the long term, trump quantity.

Even when it seems like quantity is the better option. A power nap can deliver more reboot than a restless 6-8 hours. Plenty of time with loved ones can sometimes feel hollow if no one is present or really connecting.

So where in your life are you grabbing at quantity instead of relishing quality?

Where in this challenge are you forcing the idea of more is more? Instead of this action/activity/behaviour being performed well.

Please make no mistake, I want you to stretch, push and grow to strive for more. I just want you to do it in a way that will actually deliver you the end result you want, to the highest level with the least waste of resources. 

Raise your consciousness in the what, why and how you are doing things and feel into if you are wasting any precious resources in pursuit of a faulty equation.

Just something to think about.

Love and light

Marina xox

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