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Success Stories

I joined PURE in March of 2011 out of determination to take control of my life and my body. I was never a fit or sporty person, so my gym memberships went to waste because I’d loose interest quite quickly. The variety of unique classes available at PURE was unlike anything I’d seen at other gyms and health clubs and caught my interest. As an added bonus the Coorparoo studio was only 2 minutes from my house and they had a City studio that was also close to my workplace. This meant that I really had no excuse not make a workout. Since then I have lost 15kg, made some wonderful friends and have never felt so comfortable with being myself in my body. I no longer view exercise and going to the gym as a chore, I look forward to it and enjoy it!  A big thank you to the PURE team for their daily smiles and encouragement throughout my continuing journey and for teaching me that being fit and healthy is a lifestyle change that just takes practice!

Sara Wodyk

I am an advocate for Pure Health Clubs primarily because of their commitment to helping women regain their fitness and healthy lifestyle after having children. I have always experienced a more personal atmosphere at Pure than I have encountered at other health clubs and believe that the instructors aspire to motivate their clients to achieve their best.

Melissa Boyd, Mother of 4

I have been a member at PURE since 2006. Prior to that I had trained at various gyms both privately owned and franchised. This is the longest membership I have ever had at the one gym. I found PURE by accident, and my imagination was immediately captured by their philosophy and approach to health and fitness. PURE is ‘not just another gym’, it’s a real gym. Great classes, motivational trainers, energetic and friendly members and variation in every class. The extensive range of innovative classes, was a huge draw card for me. From Pilates to Yoga to Box, there is a class to suit everyone. They change the workouts every week, meaning i’m never bored and keep coming back for more. PURE is a really unique place – where you don’t just feel like a number. Todd and Marina, and their staff are truly invested in your personal success – making you feel apart of a ‘fitness family’ or ‘fitness community’. As a member of PURE of more than 5 years, it is now routine for me. PURE has continuously supported me on my journey to be the best I can be. I have, and will continue to strongly recommend PURE to anyone who is looking for real results via a friendly, professional, and positive environment.

Jaimee Daniels

“Matt and Ingrid have changed my life during my 8 months at Pure.  I have a completely changed my life thanks to these two inspirational people.  Matt has  been training with me for the past 8 months and I am now the healthiest, strongest and fittest I have ever been in my entire life. Through cardio and strength training, Matt has pushed me harder, faster and longer to show me what my body and mind is capable of doing.  Pure introduced me to Pilates which has help transform my body and mind.  Through one on one instruction with Ingrid, Pilates has complimented my cardio and strength training but also helped me with reducing my stress levels and helping me relax.  Thank you not only to Matt and Ingrid, but to the entire team at Pure Coorparoo who constantly greet me morning and night with a wonderful attitude, great smile and lots of encouragement.  THANK YOU”

Graham Cox

Due to health issues, I’ve been reluctant and certainly choosy about where I was going to go to exercise and feeling comfortable was a huge criteria. The casual atmosphere of Pure is a huge plus. The staff are wonderful and I don’t feel uncomfortable there, nor do I feel intimidated. I go everyday if I can, so that in itself should tell you how I feel about the place. I didn’t start going to the gym to lose weight, I went to on a mission to get back into the land of the living. I’ve had that many operations over the past 6 years and I wanted to stop being a victim.  My first step was to ‘find’ a gym I was comfortable at. My results have been amazing; I feel wonderful!!! People are telling me that I look great! I’m achieving what I set out to do. What’s better than that!

Belinda Trenaman

I haven’t been involved with other health clubs mainly because I always thought they were too expensive; Pure is great value for money! Seeing changes in my body shape, even at age 67 is wonderful. My favourite classes are Pilates, Yoga, GRC, Flow, Sculpt.  I felt that Pilates, Yoga, GRC were less intense and more suitable for my age to begin with but I have now ‘upped the ante’ with Flow and Sculpt and feel quite capable in these classes. I have gained overall strength, have reshaped my body.  It’s given me a new lease on life. To anyone thinking of joining, do it!! Don’t let age, time, cost or condition be a deterrent.  It’s so worthwhile!

Prim Cavenagh

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