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PURE Health Clubs offer a fresh and unique opportunity for those embarking on a quest for greater physical, mental or spiritual fulfilment.

At PURE, we believe physical activity is the baseline for ensuring a healthy body and mind, and that it is only with a healthy mind and body that one can achieve true happiness.

Whilst many feel that exercise is a chore or a must do activity, PURE has changed the face of health clubs, becoming the leading provider of innovative classes.

PURE’s unique and extensive range of classes ensures a vibrancy to your exercise routine that couldn’t exist before. Not only are you having fun, you’ll see outstanding results and your mind is also on a high.

Bringing you the latest in exercise research and innovation plus the best instructors, our unlimited number and times of classes ensures you your greatest chance of achieving your desired results, the impossibility of failure and the ideal environment within which to develop the most important relationship you have in life – the one with yourself!

Pure’s Vision:

To help the world ‘Embrace Life’ through better health and wellness.

Through the provision of innovative mindful exercise we enable our clients to enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Allowing exercise to become a welcome part of everyday life means it’s more enjoyable, sustainable and hence successful. We know health is the baseline for happiness, making health essential to fully embracing life, not just living it.

Pure’s Mission Statement:

To become an icon for innovative mindful exercise, with studios worldwide.

PURE is determined to zig while others in the industry zag. We know there’s more to fitness than

weights and cardio. We know the best students in life had the best teachers…to inspire, support, and educate. We know the most dedicated students come from the most inspiring and diverse classrooms. We know the most rewarding lessons are learnt in classes that challenge us and align with our beliefs. That is why we are committed to being number one for innovative mindful classes. The PURE brand stands for exceptional class range, amazing instructors and educators and above all a philosophy towards fitness and wellness that is supportive, balanced, comprehensive and synergistic. We intend to proudly fly our flag everywhere there are individuals desperately seeking variety, choice, quality and authenticity. We are the world’s anti-gym, and wear the badge with honour.


Pure’s History… from humble beginnings…

PURE originally commenced operation as Pilates Queensland in 1991 with Marina Perry acting as the sole operator of Pilates matwork ten week courses.  Pilates Qld grew to a team of ten instructors operating 40 + courses throughout Brisbane.  From this grew a Studio at Coorparoo that was titled Pilates Etc.  Pilates Etc focused on offering access to unlimited mat and equipment Pilates classes as well as Yoga classes to clients under a membership structure – this was a first for Queensland, it now made yoga and Pilates (especially Pilates Equipment ‘Reformer’) much more affordable then before for individuals!  Finally in July of 2005, Pilates Etc evolved into PURE Health Clubs  – this change occurred as a direct result of the increased range of unique classes now being offered at Pilates Etc – things such as dance, box, bounce, meditation and more.  The introduction of cardio equipment plus weights meant we truly had evolved into a full service health club – albeit one completely unlike any other – one that focused on instruction of exclusive and extremely innovative classes!

Special achievements to date have included winning the Business Achievers Award in 2006 for the CBD studio, 2007 for the Coorparoo studio and again in 2008 for the CBD.

We attribute our success to a variety of reasons:

16517 About We are committed to continually innovating within the health and fitness industry by constantly introducing/creating new class genres/concepts and choosing not to offer Les Mills classes as do all major health clubs.
16517 About Marketing differently, steering clear of pressure sales, offering our services with integrity.
16517 About Servicing at a high level and creating an internal culture that is warm and caring for our client.
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spacer About AboutFrom its humble beginnings as Pilates Queensland, offering to the Brisbane public 10 week courses in pilates to its expansion into Pilates Etc in 2003, PURE Coorparoo has been on quite a journey! The names may have changed over the years but the quality of the service and the standards of the classes have never wavered. Since the big switch to PURE in 2005, the Coorparoo studio has been able to offer to its clients the innovative classes the company has become known for in such disciplines as Pilates, yoga, dance, cardio and strength. PURE Coorparoo is equipped with 5 group exercise studios including one dedicated to Yoga, one specifically designed for Pilates Reformer, a third kitted out for Ride classes as well as a specialised studio space perfect for our small group Lean Team training and modern, trendsetting classes such as FitHoop. Working in conjunction with our studio spaces, PURE Coorparoo houses an education area that holds regular seminars and workshops for members. In addition, PURE Coorparoo offers cardio equipment including treadmills, bikes and elliptical machines plus a comprehensive range of weights equipment. Post-workout, shower and creche facilities make it even more convenient for members to make “me” time a part of their regular routine!

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Opening its doors to the city folk in July 2005, PURE CBD has become a hive of activity, providing its members with a relaxing, fun environment in which to reach for the stars and achieve all their health and wellbeing goals. Encompassing three levels of prime inner city real estate, PURE CBD offers to its members an unbeatable range of innovative classes housed within 4 spacious group exercise studios including one dedicated solely to Yoga and another specifically designed for Pilates Reformer. Pure CBD also offer state of the art cardio equipment including treadmills, bikes and elliptical machines plus a comprehensive range of weights equipment, the expertise of fully qualified personal trainers and massage therapists, not to mention the friendly staff and comfortable, non threatening atmosphere.

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Our brand new PURE Newstead Studio has already made its mark on the trendy James St precinct! The boutique-style studio offers four recently renovated exercise studios that cater specifically to PURE’s unique and innovative pilates, yoga, cardio, dance and strength classes. From a yoga studio devoted exclusively to providing a mind/body sanctuary to our Ride studio kitted out with high tech stationary bikes, there is something for everyone! Bathroom and shower facilities make it even easier to participate in your favourite classes on a regular basis. PURE Newstead also has a sufficient cardio and weights area with a wide range of equipment to complement class-based exercise. Within this area, dedicated and experienced personal trainers conduct sessions that are specifically customised to ensure you achieve your ultimate health and fitness goals! PURE Newstead truly stands out from the crowd and is fast becoming one of our most “happening” studios!


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