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Our innovative suite of Reformer classes are designed for powerful results.

Get excited! Australia’s No.1 provider of innovative Pilates is now open in 3 locations! 

Pure Pilates Studios is the world’s most welcoming and transformative Pilates Reformer Studio.

Our beautiful, boutique studios will become your space to calm your mind, connect with your breath, whilst whipping your body into the best shape of your life.

3 locations. 7 Class Styles. 21+ Sessions


Everton Hills

Embrace our amazing range of Reformer Classes to:

  • Flatten, tighten and whittle your waist
  •  Shape, lift and firm your booty
  • Lengthen your body and tone your legs
  • Sculpt and strengthen your arms, back and core
  • Enhance your flexibility and destress your mind
  • Improve your posture, balance and alignment.


Our studios are equipped with state of the art reformers and small apparatus needed to perform our full suite of Pure GRC classes.

Classes include: Tech GRC Open GRC, GRC Plus, GRC HIIT, GRC Core and GRC Stretch.

All classes cater for all levels and we recommend new members being with Tech GRC to ensure you learn the essential key foundations first!


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