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Pure Beginnings


Preg DVD covers 064 Pure BeginningsBrisbane’s first fully comprehensive Pregnancy and Post Partum fitness and wellbeing program.

At Pure Health Clubs, women now have the opportunity to better prepare their bodies for the process of pregnancy and motherhood.

Strong bodies during pregnancy means both birth and recovery will be easier and faster. The appropriate exercise in this important phase of any woman’s life will serve to enhance the experience and better equip her for the changes to come.

With multiple class types and times – Pure Beginnings gives pregnant women and new mums the flexibility and range previously lacking in Brisbane.

From Pilates mat and reformer to cardio and strength all aspects of fitness are covered in an environment that is supportive, safe and appropriate. By targeting the areas specific to this unique phase of a woman’s life Pure Beginning provides new mums and mums-to-be the best quality instruction delivering the best possible results at the best value for money.


Mat based

Specifically tailored to expectant mothers these mat based Pilates classes will help increase strength & flexibility in those areas important for pregnancy, labour and post partum recovery. Incorporating everything from fitball to theraband, this class will keep you strong and agile.


pure beginnings Pure BeginningsSpecifically tailored to expectant mothers this reformer session will increase strength and flexibility in areas important for pregnancy, labor and post partum recovery. Reformer will support the body whilst toning and strengthening every inch and aiding in mobility.


Created for new mums and their bubs these classes help to introduce movement and motor development in the most important developmental stages of a baby’s life plus serve to strengthen and tone new mums in all the right areas. Come along to meet other bubs while also staying active during the recovery phases after labour.spacer Pure Beginnings



· Increased energy
spacer Pure Beginnings
· Increased muscle strength and muscle tone
spacer Pure Beginnings
· Reduced swelling and fluid retention
spacer Pure Beginnings
· Improved cardiovascular fitness (preparing you for labour & delivery)
spacer Pure Beginnings
· Limit unneccessary weight gain
spacer Pure Beginnings
· Reduced incidence of back aches and pain
spacer Pure Beginnings
· Increased pelvic stability and core strength
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· Enhanced connection to, and use of breath (assisting in labour)
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· Improve sleep
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· Minimise stress
spacer Pure Beginnings
· Enhanced bone density
spacer Pure Beginnings
· Prevent urinary incontinence
spacer Pure Beginnings
· Improved self-image, mood and attitude
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· Improve speed of post birth recovery

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