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Pilates Progression

pilates progression Pilates Progression


Every great journey begins with a single step…. This class will ensure you gain the full benefits of all subsequent Pilates classes, both mat and equipment based. Essential elements: breathing, abdominal engagement and postural alignment will be covered. The most essential class of all.


The following classes fall within the Matwork arm of our Pilates offerings at Pure. That means they involve exercises performed on the mat using bodyweight as resistance to tone, stretch & strengthen the body with emphasis on your abdominals, posture & alignment.

Principal Pilates

A beginner to intermediate workout – more advanced exercises and enhanced endurance than the fundamentals class. Levels exist within the class to cater for a wide range of levels. Sessions will recreate the abdominals into flat tight stomachs and will also sculpt and firm the thighs, buttocks and arms.

Power Pilates

An advanced workout. With greater focus on strength, integration and stabilisation. Regular sessions at this level will result in supreme body awareness & all over tone, fantastic strength and sculpted abdominals & limbs.

Small Apparatus

A variety of Pilates matwork exercises performed on the Swiss Balls to challenge balance and core control. A great variation to add to your routine to challenge the body on an unstable surface.


The Universal Reformer is a piece of equipment invented by Joseph Pilates over 80 years ago. Once teh best kept secret of Hollywoods elite, reformers work on spring based resistance & a moving carriage with straps & pulleys. Reformers are excellent at helping to keep the neck & back protected whilst still offering amazingly transformational exercises.

A GRC (Group Reformer Class) class focuses on toning & strengthening the entire body – the legs, bottom, abs, chest & back – lengthening muscles as it strengthens them – resulting in a long lean physique.

Tech GRC

A beginner class focusing on the technique required to perform basic reformer exercises correctly and effectively. A slower paced reformer class that applies the fundamentals and works well as a prelude to Open GRC classes.

Open GRC

A flowing class performed on the reformer that will strengthen, lengthen and tone the entire body. A minimum of 2 Tech GRC classes are recommended prior to Open GRC.


The Wunda Chair is another ingenious invention by Joseph Pilates. Although it deceptively appears benign in appearance, the Wunda chair it is amazingly effective at strengthening the core and entire body through an extensive array of dynamic movements. Like the Reformer it also works on spring based resistance.


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