Perfect Match 

Personal Training 

The yin to my yang.

Perfect match.


We have endless names for the people that SUPPORT us.
Those who see us FULLY and have OUR BACK.
The people that despite possibly being completely different to us, are just what we need.
Perhaps you’ll agree that some of your best relationships are those where there is complete HONESTY, total TRUST and push you to be your BEST.
At Pure, that’s what we BELIEVE makes a GREAT RELATIONSHIP or PERFECT MATCH.

Tell me more about Personal Training!

 Become a PURE PT VIP

 At Pure our Personal Trainers aren’t just highly skilled health specialists, they’re committed, transformation trainers. They are 100% committed to getting you to your goal. Our A-Team know how to motivate, inspire and are masters of the science of body overhaul.

Going it solo is tough, leveraging together makes it easy.

Let us show you how.

PT is absolutely for you if you want to:

  • Rehabilitate from an injury
  • Strengthen a weak spot
  • Reshape and strip fat
  • Perk up, flatten and tone or
  • Build strength and fitness.
Our trainers have got you.

  • Fully Customised

    A custom tailored program created just for YOU, your goals, and needs.

  • Two Personal Training Sessions a Week

    You’ll see your trainer twice a week for transformational sessions, motivation and accountability.

  • 50% OFF Session Rate

    You’ll pay half the normal PT rate (#winning)

  • Free Silver Membership

    Oh…and you’ll get a Pure Silver Membership Free (Value $1500). This gives you access to unlimited Matwork, Yoga, Cardio, Dance & Strength classes PLUS access to the cardio & weights area

Allow yourself to feel AMAZING in your skin, EMPOWERED in your life and PROUD as punch of the results you’ve achieved.

Customised Program

Customised Program + bespoke training – so you see the results you want

Stay Motivated

Bi-weekly motivation, inspiration and accountability. Guaranteed success + phenomenal results

Nutrition Plan

A powerful Meal Plan to support your training + optimise results

  • $65
  • per 30 minute session
  • 50 PACK
  • $55
  • per 30 minute session. Valid – 6 Months
  • 100 PACK
  • $45
  • + 12 MONTH FREE SILVER M’SHIP! Valued – $1500!

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