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Pelvic Stability Assessment

The pressure Biofeedback is used to monitor the position of the lower back and provides feedback to both the Instructor/Trainer and yourself when the abdominals and lower back muscles are not actively or effectively engaged, and thus protecting the spine. It can also be modified to monitor the position of the neck and head to ensure you are correctly aligned.

The assessment takes the guess work out of whether your pelvis is stable during an exercise as it provides a visual display of the changing pressure under the small of your back.  If you have been practicing Pilates for a while and not seeing the results you had anticipated, this may be the key as it provides instant feedback regarding your stability/control. Likewise, if you are new to Pilates, you can ensure you are starting with a clean slate and not adopting incorrect techniques that may hinder your results.

Book in with Bec or Nicky, it takes approx 30 mins!Kickstartresults3 Pelvic Stability Assessment


pelvic stability assessment Pelvic Stability Assessment
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