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Cardio and Strength

The following classes at Pure serve to increase your heart rate, improve your fitness, build strength and tone. They are fun, beginner friendly classes that will improve energy, fitness and help with weight loss.

Pure Box

A high intensity class using various boxing apparatus including bags, focus mitts and skipping ropes. Circuit style so you never get bored.

Pure Bounce

A high intensity, low impact cardiovascular class on mini trampolines. Set to music with basic choreography, fun class with cardio, strength, abs and stretching

Pure Morphosis

A high energy class designed to burn maximum calories and fat! Alternating activities using the step and free weights.

Pure Skip

A skipping based cardio class that strengthens the heart and the tones the butt and thighs. No dance based moves – simple choreography. Get fit, get sweaty, get skipping.

Pure Ride

High intensity, low impact cardio based class performed on stationary bikes – great for weight loss, fitness and blitzing butt and thighs.

Pure Play

Channel your inner child whilst you build strength, tone & agility. Using childhood favourite like hula hoops & balls this class burns calories, improves balance and will nuture your spirit. .

Pure Orb

A fun blend of cardio and strength – using weighted medicine balls to burn extra calories, build strength and create tone. Just what the doctor ordered.

Pure Chance

The exercises will change but the format won’t – with 24 dice rolls to every class you’ll be switching from calorie blasting cardio to sculpting strength moves before you know it. Variety and results, what’s not to love?

Pure Flow

A flowing class that combines elements of yoga, Pilates, gyrotronics and strength. Dynamic stabilisation, balance, stretching and strength work are the basis for this innovative class.

Pure Sculpt

A class using free weights and swiss balls to develop strength and definition throughout the body. Get lean whilst building functional strength.

Pure Slide

Conrtolled, low impact strength class performed on gliding discs. A killer for the lower body, improving tone and strength all over.

Pure Abs/Butt/Thighs

A 30 minute quickie covering all the bases. A rapid-fire firming for your core and lower body. Pilates-based, beginners welcome.

Pure Fithoop

Using weighted hula hoops, Fithoop burns calories, strenghtens core muscles and shapes your waistline – and promises to be one of the funnest workouts you’ll ever have! It challenges the front, back and side core muscles. The unique wavy inner surface adds to stability and builds muscle strength, and the foam padding makes it comfortable and easy to hold onto. Burn up to 600 calories in one class!

Pure Suspension

This class is a total-body workout that increases strength, balance, flexibility and muscular endurance! Leveraging gravity and your own body weight, suspension training will challenge your core and tone all over! A unique, fun and super rewarding workout for all fitness levels!

Pure Affirmation

A fusion of yoga, pilates, strength and self. A true embracing of the connection of the body, mind and soul. A set flowing sequence of movement to condition, tone, strengthen, lengthen and align your body. Performed with specifically selected empowering statements of identity.

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