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10 Week Program

Has Commenced!

Next 10 Week Challenge starts October 2015!

PURE runs 10 Week Programs whereby we offer you the opportunity to partake in an organised program to help target your specific goals.

The 10 Week Program is a fantastic way to stay committed to your resolutions whether it be to lose weight, build muscle or run 5km – our trainers can keep you on track and help you make your goals a reality!
Pure programs provide members the opportunity to develop a heightened focus on their goals and a unparalleled bags of tools they can access to achieve them.
Pure programs provide accountability and support with regular checkpoints at which their progress is monitored and recorded.  Education on all wellbeing aspects is shared freely with challengers with invaluable information distributed regularly.




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10 Week Challenge Success Stories

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4 reasons why the 10 Week Challenge is for you!

1. Motivation and Support Participating in the challenge not only provides structure for your exercise program but gives you the support you need to make an ongoing commitment and take accountability for your health and fitness.  Both group sessions and one-on-one sessions are locked in ahead of time to align with your own personal schedule and we will work with you to develop an exercise routine that becomes a sustainable lifestyle change you ‘ll embrace!

2. Break through your plateau Many of us spend hours within a week (some, a day), wishing for better health and a changed physicality yet continue to do the same things we’ve always done but expecting a different result.  If you want a different result you have to take different action.  Many people put in sooo much effort into their health but are still eluded by their goals due to seemingly small (but crucial) elements.  Let Pure’s professionals in the field of health, fitness, vitality and wellbeing share their expertise with you to knock you from your plateau and have you steamrolling towards your goals in no time.

10 week 10 Week Program3. Lifestyle change At Pure,  we believe in the importance of making lifestyle changes – not just quick fixes.  We also believe fully in the power of knowledge and the unstoppable nature of actioned knowledge.  With this in mind, we run educational seminars throughout the challenge on nutrition for weight loss, health and strength as well as goal-setting and motivation seminars. These additional programs undoubtedly help accelerate and enhance your results, but also equip you with the tools to establish healthy long-term habits.

4. Because you’re ready.  You’ve had it with “I’ll start Monday”, “next week I’ll do better” and “I’m trying hard but it doesn’t seem to make a difference”.  You know you want better, you know you can do better… you just need someone to have your back, to own your goals ( and have the answers on how they can be achieved) and hold you accountable to your own dreams.  If you’re ready, we’re waiting…


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