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We're Anti-Gym.

We're anti-boring. We're anti-showy.

We're anti-lack of variety. We're anti-injury.
In fact, we're anti anything that doesn't make
exercising and moving with your body a fun,
enjoyable experience.

Experience the alternative and you'll be Pro-Pure too.

Australia's Largest &
Most Extensive Range
Of Innovative Classes

With over 200+ classes every week!


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Welcome to Pure Health Clubs!


Pure is a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to helping our members and our staff fully EMBRACE LIFE™. Our clubs specialise in innovative classes for this reason.

Our commitment is to offer the world’s best, most innovative, most motivating, genuinely engaging and results-delivering classes. We know innovative and mindful exercise will not only directly improve an individual’s health but also their quality of life, outlook, esteem and energy. Thereby enabling full participation and the ability to remain present in their lives. Ultimately allowing to squeeze out the essence of life and really EMBRACE all it has to offer.

 Welcome to Pure Health Clubs!

Mastery of Mind. Mastery of Movement.  

This month is member’s month and we’ve chosen to focus on mindfulness and mastery.

We’ve created free workshops which offer you greater insight into your classes and regular movement modalities plus workshops to empower you to explore the inner workings of your mind.

There is great joy from progressing and evolving into stronger, healthier more masterful versions of ourselves. We support our amazing members on this quest, as part of their journey towards a ‘pure’ life. A life that establishes health as a baseline for happiness and allows for complete acceptance of self.

So here’s to our amazing minds and bodies!!

May you enjoy ‘Mindful + Mastery May’ at PURE! Xoxo

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