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We're Anti-Gym.

We're anti-boring. We're anti-showy.

We're anti-lack of variety. We're anti-injury.
In fact, we're anti anything that doesn't make
exercising and moving with your body a fun,
enjoyable experience.

Experience the alternative and you'll be Pro-Pure too.

Fast track
your results:

At PURE, we believe...nothing is impossible; age is just a number;
every  sunrise  is  unique;
that  happiness  is  a  choice;you  should
always  fight  for  what  you  believe;
laughing out oud and often is
in a moving within your body daily; in love, friendship and hope;
in  the  strength  of  the  human  spirit;
in good posture; that smiles
are  contagious,  free  and  essential;
in  kindness  to  strangers; 
healthy  body  is  a  balance  of strength, flexibility and fitness;
in the connection of the body, mind, breath and spirit.
   At  PURE,
we  believe  to  live  life  is  not  enough -
we  must  embrace  it.

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Most Extensive Range
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Welcome to Pure Health Clubs!


Pure is a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to helping our members and our staff fully EMBRACE LIFE™. Our clubs specialise in innovative classes for this reason.

Our commitment is to offer the world’s best, most innovative, most motivating, genuinely engaging and results-delivering classes. We know innovative and mindful exercise will not only directly improve an individual’s health but also their quality of life, outlook, esteem and energy. Thereby enabling full participation and the ability to remain present in their lives. Ultimately allowing to squeeze out the essence of life and really EMBRACE all it has to offer.

Late Cancellation / No Show Fee commencing 13th January 2014

 Welcome to Pure Health Clubs!

Lean Team 8 Week Challenge!

Commences May! Step into a world where you are connected, motivated and grow with others! In a team of 5 you will be coached through a complete body program with one of our Lean Team Trainers! It’s HALF the price of personal training! Saving your back pocket whilst toning what’s underneath…win:win in the truest sense! Enrol before the 20th of April to receive your starter pack for FREE! (value $96!) Hurry though, teams are sure to book out as limited spaces and teams are available!

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